Yes, the 50+ Community is in Canada!

Yes, the 50+ Community is in Canada!

Posted on October 31, 2017

As people near the age of retirement, one of their biggest concerns is deciding where to live. The feeling that comes with downsizing a home and being able to choose how, and where, to live is one of the most exciting times in someone’s life— but there is a lot to consider. Ease of travel and finding the perfect home, that’s still close to family, are often high priorities for most people when making their retirement plans. For those reasons, Canada is one of the best countries in the world to retire in.

Travelling to Other Countries from Canada is Easy

One of the biggest luxuries of retirement is free time. Years of school, then work, and raising a family, means that free time was not something many were afforded before their retirement. Without the obligation to work and with less family arrangements, often people choose to travel.

Many Canadians choose to buy homes or time shares in warm states such as Arizona or California. Favourable laws between Canada and the United States are in place so that Canadians are allowed to stay in the U.S. for a period of 6 months of the year; whereas, other countries residences may only stay 90 days.

On top of that, most Canadian provinces require only 5 months of residency to continue health care coverage, meaning that the health benefits of Canadian citizenship apply even during long trips or half year residence in other countries.

Biodiversity is Already in your Backyard

As the second largest country in the world, Canada has rich biodiversity. The world’s largest remaining intact forests, and the longest marine coast in the world are here, as well as one quarter of the earths wetlands. 

It’s easy to understand why so many retirees buy an RV and start camping. You could see almost every type of ecosystem without even leaving the country; from vast forests, to picturesque mountain ranges, to frigid ice fields, Canada does not lack any type of natural variety. If the thought of waking up each morning and enjoying a coffee in nature isn’t appealing, one of the other main benefits of retiring in Canada are the expertly designed adult communities.

Adult Communities are Better Than Ever

After the kids have moved out and a house is more work to clean than room to live in, downsizing is a great option. The joys of adult living are obvious; quieter environment, likeminded neighbours and often times exterior home maintenance is included. And while years ago people only thought of retirement communities such as Florida when they thought of adult living, that’s no longer the case.

Why move so far when you can enjoy the benefits of adult living while still staying close to friends and family? Today adult living communities have individual layouts, specially designed communal spaces to meet neighbours, and a variety of options for beautiful home details. The days of boring adult communities are gone.

The 50+ community is thriving in Canada with 45% of the population 45 or older and for good reason. Convenient travel, abundant natural sightseeing throughout the country, and thriving adult living neighbourhoods make this country one of the best places in the world for the 50+ community.

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