What’s a Pocket Neighbourhood?

What’s a Pocket Neighbourhood?

Posted on September 18, 2017

When Lifestyle Homes decided to develop a new 55+ community in Okotoks, a lot of consideration went into its layout. The goal for The Parkhouses was to create something unique that offered a greater sense of community for residents. In the end, Lifestyle decided a “pocket neighbourhood” was the best way to do that. So what exactly is a pocket neighbourhood?

Regular Neighbourhoods versus Pocket Neighbourhoods

In a typical neighbourhood, homes are separated by streets and shared space between neighbours is limited, making it more difficult to get to know the people around you. Pocket neighbourhoods flip that idea around, with homes opening onto a shared space instead of a road or parking lot. In the case of The Parkhouses, you’ll have a lush, massive central courtyard to enjoy. Sharing these common spaces means meet-ups with neighbours occur more frequently and a true sense of community develops.

This design has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among the Boomer generation as they begin to downsize to smaller homes. Here are a few other benefits to living in Lifestyle Homes’ newest pocket neighbourhood, The Parkhouses.

It’s Easy to Make Friends

Some people say it seems like it’s harder to make new friends as you age. Not so in a pocket neighbourhood! At the Parkhouses, you’ll be part of a community of people in the same stage of life as you are, who share similar interests and concerns. Lifestyle’s addition of a large central courtyard, multiple walking paths, and features like the shared BBQ’s and little library give plenty of opportunities for social interaction with your neighbours, making it easier for friendships to develop. Or you can get to know people better by inviting them over for cocktails on the large front veranda each villa comes with.

Peace and Quiet

Even though one of the biggest benefits of a pocket neighbourhood is community building, you still need your privacy. That’s why each of the villas at the Parkhouses has been designed to find a balance between public and private zones. Lifestyle has made the interior of the homes as spacious and airy as possible so even when you’re inside, you won’t feel “cooped up”. Additionally, each villa features a private inner courtyard for you to retreat to when you need some quiet time to yourself outside.

Downsizing Doesn’t Mean Downgrading

In most pocket neighbourhoods, the unspoken mantra is “Quality, not quantity” and The Parkhouses is no different. Though you’re at a stage of life where moving to a smaller home makes sense, our villas won’t make you feel like you’ve lost square footage. The layouts are efficiently designed with vaulted ceilings, an inviting front veranda, a double car rear attached garage, as well as upscale finishings throughout. You’ll have plenty of space for daily life and if you need more, you can add a basement with spare rooms for your kids and grandchildren. Additionally, you’re benefitting from Lifestyle’s industry leading construction quality as each villa has been built with highly durable, low-maintenance materials and meets BuiltGreen Platinum level construction standards.

 In 1995, architect Ross Chapin coined the term pocket neighbourhood after developing the first contemporary one in Puget Sound. Fast forward to today where Lifestyle Homes has taken the concept to luxurious new heights. You’ll get to experience life in a stunning modern home surrounded by neighbours you know in a community layout that hearkens back to a simpler time.

Adult active living doesn’t get any better than this! To learn more about pocket neighbourhoods and see what opportunities are available at The Parkhouses, contact Lifestyle Homes today. 

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