Posted on July 24, 2015

With four kids ranging in age from 13 to 5, Paula Kot’s family’s needs have changed drastically since moving to Airdrie eight years ago. The family is currently in the process of building a new home with Lifestyle Homes, located in Cooper’s Crossing on Airdrie’s southwest corner.

Q. Why did you choose that area of Airdrie?

A. Primarily, it’s the accessibility to Calgary, for my husband who commutes every day, but also for the school zones. Our kids actually go to three different schools – one in high school, two in elementary school, and then I’ve got one in French immersion, and Cooper’s really does give you a fabulous selection of schools.

Q. Why did you choose Lifestyle Homes?

A. We did a lot of research about our builders, as well as the communities in which we want to live. Cooper’s is a community that we’ve always dreamed of moving into, and then when Lifestyle opened up we were really pleased with their construction practices, the quality of work, the standards that they build to. That’s the number one reason why we went with Lifestyle.

Q. What makes this home ideal for your family?

A. It’s a very large home, close to 3,000 square feet. One of the reasons why we we’re moving is to have four bedrooms up and a finished basement, and we are building it so that we can grow for many years with our family.

Q. Why did you choose to build a custom home?

A. Because of the uniqueness of our family, this lets us build what we want. There are additional risks when you are buying new, but I think that’s offset by the opportunities that customizing your home to your needs offers.

Q. How did you know this home was right for your family?

A. This particular time, we walked through the show home and fell in love with it. We had a list of must-haves that we needed for our next house before we would even consider moving, and this house checked all those boxes off. Even though it is a custom design, the bones of the show home were perfect to work with.

The Kot family recently finalized their blueprint, agreeing on a design that will meet their needs and their budget as well as the architectural controls in the Cooper’s Crossing community. They are hoping to move into their new home in November.

Source: Airdrie House & Home