5 Reasons Families Love Living in Coopers Crossing

5 Reasons Families Love Living in Coopers Crossing

Posted on August 8, 2017

In 2015, Lifestyles Homes began offering their custom built homes in the Airdrie community of Coopers Crossing and families couldn’t be happier. Not only was it an opportunity for them to own a home where they could feel confident in the quality and design of their real estate investment, they could do it in Airdrie’s premiere community.

Families are drawn to the quiet, small town vibe of Coopers Crossing but appreciate that you don’t have to drive to Calgary to find what you need. With plenty of local shopping, several schools, and multiple recreation facilities all located within a short distance, as well as over 300 acres of green space to connect with nature in, there’s a lot to love about this self-sustaining, award winning neighbourhood.

1. Numerous Playgrounds

Although Lifestyle Homes’ floor plans feature a lot of space for playing indoors, kids still need to get out and enjoy fresh air. Coopers Crossing was designed with families and green space in mind so no matter how big your lot size is, you’ll frequently end up making use of the community’s many parks. With its central location, massive playground, and family friendly features like a toboggan hill, fire pit, picnic tables, and a basketball court, Discovery Park is a popular gathering spot for families and neighbourhood children. For a relaxing family stroll, head to Central Pond or Willow Pond and take in their tranquil waterside walkways and lush greenery. You’ll find several more parks throughout Coopers Crossing, each easily accessible by walking paths.

2. Close to Recreation Facilities

In addition to over 300 acres of trails, parks, and playgrounds to enjoy, Coopers Crossing also offers a variety of nearby recreational facilities to play on and in. You’ll find rinks, arenas, pools, and ball diamonds – including the new Chinook Park and the Genesis Place Recreation Centre – all in the surrounding area.

3. Good Community Schools

Another added benefit to life in Coopers Crossing is having schools right in the community. Thanks to the walking paths, they’re easy to walk to and, most importantly, it’s a safe walk for kids. From Kindergarten to grade three, children can attend Coopers Crossing School in the north east part of the community. There are currently two high schools to choose from: W.H. Croxford High School is the public school and Saint Martin de Porres High School is the Catholic option. As Coopers Crossing grows, there are plans to build more schools in the neighbourhood.

4. You Can Walk To Shops

Imagine this: you’re in your Lifestyle Homes kitchen, preparing a meal for a massive family get together when you realize you don’t have butter. Luckily, it’s a short walk over to Cooper’s Town Promenade to get some and anything else you’ve forgotten. Currently under construction, this convenient shopping centre will soon be home to Save-On Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, a Shell gas station, as well as a number of restaurants, medical and dental offices, and boutique shops, all within walking distance. Living in Coopers Crossing means you can park the car and put your life in drive.

5. It’s Consistently Voted Airdrie’s “Best Community”

In a city of over 60,000 people, it’s a special achievement to be voted “Best Community”. It’s even more remarkable to have accomplished it every year since 2013. It easy to see why though. People are comfortable in Coopers Crossing. It’s safe, quiet, and offers a real sense of community that’s perfect for families. There’s also a strong spirit of civic pride. The streets are clean, yards are well manicured, and since Lifestyle Homes’ are solidly built and well-crafted, you can be assured they will hold their value for years; homebuyers know they’ve found something special and take pride in making sure the community is as well taken care of as the homes in it.

Coopers Crossing may still be a developing neighbourhood but with so many great features and amenities, it’s no wonder families are flocking to this master planned masterpiece of a community. Once the boxes are unpacked and they settle in to their new Lifestyle Home, they quickly realize they’ll be there for a long, long time.

Find out how you can start planning your future in Airdrie’s best neighbourhood. Contact Lifestyle Homes today to see what’s available in Coopers Crossing or any of the other communities they serve.
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